What’s Your Current Retirement Plan?

Everyone needs one

Unfortunately, far too many people buy financial products they think they need, only to realize later they were sold something unnecessary to their retirement plan.

Often products are sold based on agent commissions or incentives, not necessarily the client’s best interests.  We establish “SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY RETIREMENT” through honest communication, free from the influence of sales incentives and commissions.

Designing a retirement plan should be done first.  Purchasing retirement products is secondary to the overall goal.  Our mission is to design “SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY RETIREMENT” that grow assets, provide a lifetime income, protect against nursing home spend down, and transfer assets to heirs in the most tax-efficient manner possible, avoiding probate.

Our goal is to implement “SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY RETIREMENT” in an organized manner that is easily understood so our clients can make knowledgeable decisions about each aspect of their retirement.