Life Insurance

A product for a secure future

Life insurance can be a part of your investment or retirement plan and should be a part of your legacy planning.

Life Insurance as an Investment

Life insurance is something that people either view as an investment necessity to offset debt, or they view it as something unnecessary to accomplish their retirement goals. We provide solutions for either objective


  • If you currently have life insurance and the face value is greater than $1,500, your cash value is now an attachable asset for nursing home spend down for Medicaid. 


  • Use your current cash value to upgrade your life insurance. This can be done tax-free and will assist in protecting your life insurance policy.

Please note: this solution can only be done by independent planners like us.

Life Insurance as a Legacy

If you want to leave a legacy, life insurance is a great way to do that because it provides tax-free money to your heirs. This money may be used to offset taxation and could increase the amount of money your heirs receive.


  • If you have two children and they inherit your IRA worth $500k and you have NO life insurance, when you pass away your two children will each receive $250k that will be taxed as ordinary income. This could result in each of them having to pay up to $96,250 in taxes.


  • Purchase a life insurance policy with a portion of the $500k IRA, so when you pass away the taxation is not only less but your two children could also receive up to $500k of tax-free money.